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Technology Training

Technology & Skills Training

There are a lot of different tech topics available for individuals, startups and organizations. Below is a sample of technologies and skill development options which can be customized for your organization, offered on-site or online. You can choose which topic is of interest to your organization OR let us know if there is a technology you are looking to learn


Learn what cybersecurity is and why it's important for you, as an individual, to be aware of how it affects you everyday. You hear about data breaches and cyber hacks everyday on the news costing millions of dollars. We'll teach you about phishing, the dark web, malware and everyday practices you can do to protect yourself.

Mobile Nomad

Have you seen the term "digital nomad?" We'll help you to be a mobile nomad by learning about apps you can use on your phone as productivity tools to help you keep track, and be aware of how you are being tracked on your phone to help built your ETQ - emotional, technology quotient

What is the Metaverse?

You hear it on the news, the metaverse! Discover what the metaverse is, augmented reality, virtual reality and how it all fits together - what the future holds, tools you can use now and wow your coworkers when you are back!

Website DIY Audit

Do you have a WordPress website or other CMS? Do you know how many or what plugins you have? What has access and what access? Where the traffic is coming from and when? This training will walk through the back end of your website and identify proactive steps to protect your brand.


Do you know what is online about your company? We will help you to research your brand online, find out information available, techniques for redacting and reducing that information so you can take control of your online reputation and organize where and how you share your data

Protecting Your Data

Learn about tools, processes and technologies from a cybersecurity perspective, what you need to do to protect your assets and prevent yourself in the event of a data breach

Security Scan DIY

Are you looking for the tools and technologies to create a plan and implement and maintain yourself? Perfect for early stage entrepreneurs, startups to create a baseline security and data management program which is scalable

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence surrounds us every day in every way, from what we watch, how we shop, promotions we see, clothes we wear, music we listen to and the food we eat.  Learn what AI is, how it is built, how it's used today and where it's going tomorrow

Social Media Research

Learn about tools, processes and technologies to better identify competitive intelligence, internal risks and capture data to make data-driven decisions for your organization.  

Have a Topic Suggestion?

Is there a technology topic that you would like to learn about on your next trip? Or a training location that would seal the deal? Reach out and let us know...we are listening!

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