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Creating Interactive Experiences For Compliance Management

Streamlining Compliance For....

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Leveraging Data To Create Insights For....

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Data Intelligence

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Reputation Management

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Research: Social Intelligence

Meet Our Team

At Surenomics, we are a data-centric solutions provider dedicated to harnessing and leveraging data, ensuring you reach the right audience with the precise message at the optimal moment across suitable channels. Our mission is to enable businesses, campaigns, associations, and non-profits to maximize the impact of their communication by utilizing the full potential of data-driven strategies. We are a family-owned firm with years of experience in starting, running and exiting businesses, as well as experience in working with family-owned businesses and startups, both grassroots and funded.

Our strategies are fiscally conservative, leveraging technology to increase performance and efficiency. We are also conscientous of data risks in the modern business environment, and strive to ensure that our clients remain secure. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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Helping You Gain Insights and Create Interactive Experiences To Target The Right People With The Right Information To Reduce Risk, Increase Awareness, and Drive Engagement  

Empower Your Strategy: Target Precisely


Leveraging technologies and data to assist organizations of all sizes to create personalized customer, targeted experiences 


Delve deep into the nuances of your brand's reputation providing profound insights into public perception and highlighting avenues for increased engagement.

Data intelligence

There is a massive amount of data captured online every day. Using qualitative research techniques, your data is harnessed to provide actionable insights

cybersecurity INTELLIGENCE

Analyzing organizational data and people processes and organizational culture to minimize risk

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“Paul worked directly with me to help me get a better handle on my risk exposure. Our conversations uncovered areas I had not even considered or thought out for several years.  It was great to work with someone who wasn't just trying to sell me”

J. Samuels

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