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Connecting Strategy with Execution

Meet Our Team

Surenomics is a family-owned business consulting firm with experience in academic and professional services sectors. We are a family-owned firm with years of experience in starting, running, and exiting businesses, as well as experience in working with family-owned businesses and startups, both grassroots and funded.

We are a data-centric solutions provider dedicated to harnessing and leveraging data, ensuring you reach the right audience with the precise message at the optimal moment across suitable channels. Our mission is to enable businesses, campaigns, associations, and non-profits to maximize the impact of their communication by utilizing the full potential of data-driven strategies. 

Our strategies are fiscally conservative, leveraging data and technology to increase the performance and efficiency of your communication programs, internally and externally. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

paul_dent ceo surenomics

"I enjoy working with individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners to help streamline their operations and technology, as well as, cyber planning to mitigate risk exposure. Working with 'retired' individuals and seniors to minimize fraudulent threats is essential in today's digital environment"

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Paul A Dent, MS

Partner, Data Strategy Consultant

Paul began his career at ADP where he managed and led the staffing and recruiting efforts for the ADP National Accounts Division. Paul comes from a family of early computing pioneers/entrepreneurs who founded Computer Power, the largest mortgage processing company in the world. He later founded Hirease, Inc., a very successful North Carolina based company that performs background screenings for clients in the hiring process.


Paul led the migration from an existing client server commercial software system to a full function, internally developed platform technology, which processes over 100,000 individual transactions a day, while handling all billings and CRM. This system was the catalyst for the growth of the company and had become a highly service based company that offered cutting edge technology. Paul was also instrumental in the acquisition and integration of several technology add-ons and licenses into the Hirease platform. During Paul’s leadership, his companies have been among the INC 500/5000 for 5 years in a row and recognized as the "Best Places To Work" in North Carolina.


Paul and Heidi sold the company in 2014. Paul continues to consult with organization's assisting with their technology strategy and management.  Paul sits on the Board of Directors for Welltality Health, where he served as an interim CEO.  Paul received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Mercer University and a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Utica College. When not traveling between the mountains and Pinehurst, North Carolina, Paul enjoys traveling, football, hiking and playing a little golf now and then. 


Paul’s primary focus is advising individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners in cyber planning, strategic planning with technology and organizational processes.

heidi dent cmo surenomics

"Working with individuals and organizations to create new opportunities, pinpoint market or lifestyle opportunity for themselves or their business through qualitative research techniques is always interesting, insightful, and challenging."

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Heidi Dent, DBA, MSM,MBA 

Partner, Marketing Strategy Consultant

Heidi co-founded Surenomics, an IT & Marketing consulting firm, with her husband, Paul Dent. Heidi’s professional background has focused on marketing, entrepreneurship, digital marketing technology, and recruitment in the business-to-business professional service sector for over 25 years. She has worked with various industries, from the Fortune 50 to small business start-ups. Heidi incorporates research to make data-driven decisions for over two decades, using data for competitive intelligence, market opportunity, and consumer market insights such as sentiment analysis, trends, and strategic analysis. 


A serial entrepreneur, she has been involved in multiple start-ups, acquisitions, and successful exits, landed on the INC5000 list five years in a row, and was awarded the “Best Places To Work in NC.” Heidi was involved in several successful acquisitions she integrated into her company’s product portfolio. She led the design and UX for her companies and clients, including a proprietary internal operations application, multiple mobile applications, a multi-application web platform, eCommerce, communication, ATS, and project management applications.   


She is also an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Western Carolina University and a guest entrepreneurship lecturer at Hochschule Munchen University of Applied Sciences. Previously, she taught Marketing and Entrepreneurship as an Adjunct Professor for Christian Brothers University and Business Communication at South Georgia State College.


Heidi holds a BA in English from Mercer University, an MBA from UNC Pembroke, and an MS in Digital Marketing from Florida International University. She also holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Jacksonville University.   Outside academia, Heidi likes to travel, hike, read, build no-code apps and websites for fun, and advocate for literacy.

alex dent surenomics consultant
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Alex Dent, MSIS

Partner, IT & Data Strategy Consultant

Alex is a highly skilled professional with expertise in data analytics, competitive analysis, SQL, Tableau, writing blogs, and information systems. With experience in both the marketing and IT industries, Alex has a unique perspective on how technology can be used to drive business growth.

Alex has a Bachelor's in Physics from Hampden Sydney College and a Master's in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. As a data analyst, Alex uses various tools to analyze large datasets and identify patterns, trends, and opportunities. He has worked with clients from various industries, helping them improve their operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

Alex's deep understanding of market trends, customer behavior, and competitor strategies makes him a valuable asset in developing effective marketing strategies and helping clients stay ahead of the competition. He is proficient in SQL and Tableau, which are powerful tools for data analysis and visualization, and uses them to create dynamic reports and dashboards that provide actionable insights to clients.

In addition to his technical expertise, Alex has a passion for writing and sharing insights and best practices through blog posts and articles. He has a knack for simplifying complex concepts and making them accessible to a wider audience. Alex's understanding of information systems and their role in both marketing and IT helps clients leverage technology to improve their business processes and drive growth.

Alex is a results-oriented professional who is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals through data-driven insights and solutions. His unique experience in both marketing and IT industries makes him a valuable asset to any organization.  

What We Do...


Leveraging technologies and data to assist organizations of all sizes to create personalized customer, targeted experiences 


Delve deep into the nuances of your brand's reputation providing profound insights into public perception and highlighting avenues for increased engagement.

Data intelligence

There is a massive amount of data captured online every day. Using qualitative research techniques, your data is harnessed to provide actionable insights

cybersecurity INTELLIGENCE

Analyzing organizational data and people processes and organizational culture to minimize risk

What Our Clients Say...


.Paul and Heidi were extremely helpful working with our team to document and organize our technology, the cost, usage and return on investment of all the different applications we use.  They were also instrumental in helping to create a documented cyber plan and highlight our potential risk exposure. This was well worth the time and investment for peace of mind.

John / CEO

“Working with Paul helped us to get our company organized and better prepared for a cyber threat"

Chris / CEO

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